Starting English Business Unit 5 – Dscribing Your Company’s Products Part 1

the background,背景,底色,这里指公司背景
company growth,公司发展历程
staffing levels,员工数量
return on investment,投资收益率
pre-tax profit,税前利润
major markets,主攻市场,市场定位
sales strategy,销售战略
ambitious plans,宏伟蓝图
marketing share,市场占有率
marketing strategy,市场战略
advertising agency,广告商,广告公司
product title,产品标题,产品名称
broad company profile,公司概况

introductions and the agenda
What instruction does Don give to Derek?
What does Don tell Derek not to do?
Don’t give too much tail about specific products.

What question does Edward ask?
And why does he like the product title?

the welcome → the time → the reason → the summary → the question,会议日程介绍
We’re very honoured to have the opportunity to …
If you have any question, please feel free to interrupt at any time.

Why doesn’t Edward like the copy?
Good morning ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to Bibury Systems.
We are very honoured to have the opportunity of making this presention to you, Mr.Sakai.
In the next hour we hope to show you that:
1 …
2 …
3 …
Lastly, 4 …
But first of all, some background on Bibury Systems.