Starting Business English Unit 4 – Receiving Visitors

staff,职员;full-time staff,全职员工;casual staff,临时员工
to employ,雇佣
display unit,显示装置
rough desigen,初步设计
make an impact,形成冲击力,构成感染力
latest product,最新产品
stronger colours,鲜艳的色彩
Let me introduce …
Can I present …
And This is …
Have a busy itinerary
do one’s best
I like …
I love …
I enjoy …

What time will Mr.Sakai arrive?
And what does Kate say to Don?

Thank you very much for collecting me.
It’s a pleasure. / Don’t mention it.
It’s good of you to visit us.
Thank you for sparing the time.

What two changes does Don want to make to the rough design?
How many people work for Bibury Systems full time?
What is Mr.Sakai’s first name?
Have Mr.Sakai and Don Bradley meet before?
Don comes from America But which city in America?

Let me introduce you to …
Let me give you my card. / This is my name card.
It’s very nice to meet you.
After you.
Please make yourself at home.
Have you in waiting a long?
Where do Clive and Mr.Sakai go for lauch?
And what will Mr.Sakai do this evening?

Show we get straight down to business? / Shall we get straight down to business?
I’m sorry to interrupt your work.

Your know Mr.Sakai is coming at 10 o’clock, don’t you? / Yes, I do.
It’s an important meeting, isn’t it?
The slides are ready, aren’t they?
Is everything ready? / I think so.

Do you understand the program? / Sorry, Could you explain what you mean?
Do you mean stronger colours?

Would you like some coffee?
Would you like to leave your coat here?
That would be very nice. / No, thank you.