Starting Business English Unit 3 – Making Appointment

launch date,上市/发布日期
jet lagged,jet lag的副词,时差反应

When can we meet?
I’m busy today.
I’m very busy this week.
It will take ten minutes.
It won’t take long.
I’ll see you on Wednesday at eight o’clock.
I arrive at 3 sharp.

set up a meeting
arrange a meeting

When must the meeting be?
How long will that meeting take?

I thought you said you were going to ring up last night.

Who does Jenny talk to ?
Why is Jenny making the call?
What is the message that Geraldine give to Clive Harris?
When is Edward Green free for a meeting?

When is the launch date?
We’ll miss the launch date.
It’ll be on schedule.
We must meet the deadline.
It won’t take long.
When in November is Mr.Sakai available for a meeting?

make it at half pass eight.

Be here Monday morning.
Change our ten o’clock meeting.

Could you ring Mr.Smith’s office?
Could you possbly see the product this week?
I wonder if you could come this afternoon.

I’m afraid, he is going to be 15 minutes later for his appointment this afternoon.